Rural households aspiring for a better quality home or wanting to construct a new home are often short of financial resources. HFPL offers loans to individuals for purchase, construction, repairs and renovation of dwelling units. We also offer loans to the self-employed segment where formal income proofs may not be available.

The income of such applicants is assessed by field investigation and surrogate income proof. We offer Housing Loans to customers in Rural India for amounts ranging from `50,000 to `10 Lakhs for a period upto 5 years. Scheme of HFPL rural housing loans is simple documentation, door-step service and flexible assessment process. We also offer Loans against Property to our customers to help them meet their working capital and business expansion ranging from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 10 Lakhs for maximum tenure of 5 years.

Rural financial services – Enhancing livelihoods. Enriching lives

The availability of quality financial services in rural areas is extremely important for the growth of the economy as this will enable the large number of rural households to promote growth of their livelihood. The growth of the economy is dependent on the growth of the rural market in the country. Therefore greater financial inclusion in these segments is imperative. Lack of financial help stunts the growth of many rural micro-enterprises and force people to migrate to urban areas in search of job. Timely and affordable financial support helps people sustain and grow their livelihood. It helps them adopt and start new livelihood.

HFPL, enhance livelihood of people by providing access to quality financial services. We intend to facilitate market linkage to improve your life in the country.

Abridging reach

Our mission is to abridge distance between our branch where financial services are available and the home or place of business of the customer. Making quality financial services are made available at the doorstep of our customer in each village in the catchment, enabling financial inclusion of the under-served and un-served segments of the rural markets. Each of our branch covers about a radius of 25 km area in and around the branch and serve households. The Relationship Officers also create awareness about the need for availing good credit for long term need of the customers resulting in a strong and much needed financial promotion.

Leveraging technology to serve the rural customer

We have invested in unique technology systems to serve the customer better and faster. The use of techno-process and transaction devices, have enabled speedier servicing of collections and also greater level of transparency, trust and customer confidence. Our branches are linked to central systems and operate online access to customer information and transactions.

" The Right Relationship is Everything "