Manufacturers, Traders, Small & Medium Enterprise Owners with a minimum turnover of ` 10 Crores and at least 5 years in business can apply for an SME Loan.

Hriday Fincorp offers SME Loans under 4 variants, namely, Long Term Loans, Business Installment Loans and Lease Rental Discounting.

These are loans that can be availed for meeting long term working capital or for purchase of equipment, plant & machinery or Real Estate. We accept a broad suite of collaterals that range from commercial, residential and industrial property.

Business Installment Loans are loans which are used to meet medium term working capital needs.

HFPL assesses the business of the customer across 8 broad parameters. The criteria include: years in business, management experience, tangible net worth, credit history, revenue trends year-on-year, interest cover and obligations of all existing loans.

Hriday Fincorp accepts -:

  • 1 Residential property owned and occupied by the borrower / promoter
  • 2. Ready commercial property (shop, offices, franchise outlets) owned and occupied by the borrower/ promoter (primary Collateral)
  • 3. Ready residential / commercial properties which are partly rented and partly self - occupied
  • 4. Industrial property owned and occupied by the borrower

We do not accept under-construction properties as collateral. We offer a maximum Loan to Value (LTV) of 80% based on the categorization of the collaterals. Please get in touch with our Relationship Manager for further details.

*Conditions apply: Loans are at the sole discretion of Hriday Fincorp (P) Ltd. and are subject to guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India

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